éHo  echo/delay

Pedal of echo/delay for rich sonorities and vintage. Echo up to 2700 ms the éHo offers a vast pallet of adjustments enabling you to find the delays most used by the largest guitarists.
  Phasing whirling, roomy and mélodieux with in more one adjustment ADJUST which will allow you afiner your clean phasing energy of the vintage or modern.




12AX7 Distortion

Our TUBE BOX distortion is fitted with a 12AX7 tube. The pedal may be powered by a battery or a 12V DC 300mA adaptor.

The unique feater of the TUBE BOX is its easy access to the tube. You can change it yourself, choose another tube, experiment and get a personalized tone.


The evolution of the TUBE BOX is the XTREME TUBE. Its ECL82 tube provides a very special sound and tremendous possibilities.

ECL82 Distortion

FUZZBY  Fuzz     

Another PROXON innovation : the FUZZBY. If you’re longing for that 70/71 fuzz tone with an unmatched flexibility...

FORMIX 4 input mixer

Here is our new battery powered audiomixer (9V), which allows you to mix and link up to four instruments to one output. This is the ideal solution if you’re using different guitars on stage. And what about jamming with your friends with just one amplifier ? Perfect for parties, camping...

BUZZ  Fuzz


Let us go back to the basics and classics with this 100% analogical fuzz. With its powerful mids and highs, it is capable of producing beautifully dirty grunge tones, as well as heavy rhythm sounds (ideal for palm mutting and chunky stuff).  But the BUZZ is also ideal for soloists who need an extra kick to cut through the mix and play insane legato runs.



Extraordinary vintage tone. Basic, simple and yet efficient knobs. What more do we need ?



Filter or compressor, depending on your settings. You’ll be amazed by the possibilities of this unique effect.



Automatic Wah. Pure vintage tone, no modelling or electronic trickery involved. It works great on a very wide range of frequencies and is very touch sensitive. It will simply transcend your playing.



On the road again... Powerful, rough overdrive for those forever gigging musicians. Heavy and percussive basses, cutting mids and moderate drive. Pure analogical tone. If you hate compromises, you’ll love the ROAD.



Subtly grained distortion. It’s never harsh. Sounds great on funky rhythms as well as rock’n’roll. Only three knobs and yet an infinite palette of colours.



Heavy distotion. By stepping on the VORTECH, you’ll wake up an animal. Its tamming is up to you !



Tube sounding distortion. What about an injection of vitamins in your tone ? The TONIX is a natural, fat sounding pedal, ideal for bluesy stuff and chordal playing, when you want all the notes to be heard. Only three knobs, yet an infinity of sounds. It is simple but has no limitations.



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